Qualities of Entry: What to Look For in an Aspiring PR Pro 

While many PR pros involved in hiring told PR News that entry-level hires are few and far between, that is not the case at the PR agency Peppercom. CEO Steve Cody reports hiring at all levels, thanks to a robust first six months of 2011. “We hired five full-time junior account executives in the past few months and are on the prowl for a few account executives and senior account executives as well,” says Cody. Here are the qualities Cody looks for in a PR pro:

  1. A passion for news. “I want a sponge who soaks up new ideas and trends each and every day,” says Cody.

  2. A passion for lifelong learning. Cody seeks hires who are just as interested in the past and future as the present.

  3. A person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Says Cody: “We don’t hire people with superiority complexes.”

  4. Strong writing skills. If you can’t write well, you won’t be hired.

  5. A demonstrated track record of going above and beyond (i.e. volunteer work, starting one’s own blog, etc.).

  6. A self-starter. “We look for people who can hit the ground running,” he says.

  7. Knowledge of how a business works (i.e. a business or economics minor) . “Too many young people don’t understand a client’s business,” says Cody.

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