Q&A: Storytelling for the Small Screen Turning into Big Prospects for PR Execs

According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 45% of American adults owned a smartphone in September 2012, compared with 35% in the year-earlier period. But the percentage of journalists and reporters who own a smartphone or, for that matter, a new-fangled tablet, should be considered universal, says Steve Rubel, executive VP of global strategy and insights for Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR agency.

Indeed, 2013 is likely to see more and more PR execs (of all stripes) shift to a mobile-first strategy when it comes to getting their messages out. Rubel spoke with PR News about how PR pros can accelerate their mobile-media efforts.

PR News: For PR pros, what are the major priorities for developing a strategy to reach out to increasingly mobile journalists?

Steve Rubel: The most important thing is truly becoming brevity. This was always important, but now it’s really important for engaging anybody. Content is increasing and the screens, to some degree, are shrinking. This makes it harder to break through.


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