Measurement Myths that Hamper Public Relations

As business consultants, one of the most important things we can do is help executives overcome outdated thinking disguised as time-honored traditions. In many cases, the process involves declaring that the way we’ve always done it may not necessarily be the way to do it now. Or ever again.

To keep things simple, let’s refer to these business conventions as myths.  Often based on tradition, they are stories that may be founded on factual origins. In some cases, they're completely fictional.

In PR we contend with many myths that continue to endure despite advances in the profession. Some of the most enduring relate to the science of PR. In this column, we will expose some PR conventions as myths, while explaining why they’re myths and sharing supportive details about the true state of the profession.
It's impossible
Earlier in my career, one prevailing myth was that PR is impossible to measure. PR is an art and one cannot quantify art. Like many myths, this one disguised a prevailing fear.


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