Mastering the Art of Conversation on Twitter

Amy Gilmer

Ask any PR pro how to approach social media and the response will often be to act as if you are attending a cocktail party—be conversational. If you want to be the hit of the party, Stella & Dot's social media manager Amy Gilmer recommends this cocktail for success: Begin with a mixture of setting goals and objectives and add a splash of personality. Gilmer will share more tips on building a Twitter following at PR News' Big 3 Conference on August 9 in San Francisco.

PR News: How would you describe your content strategy?

Amy Gilmer: Our content strategy is closely aligned with our organizational goals. When first determining our social content strategy, we incorporated content that speaks to all our primary business objectives in a way that translates well to social media. Next, we assigned the percentage of content that should be associated with each area based on importance. Knowing that social media is always changing and shifting, we revisit this on a regular basis and reevaluate based on what our community is most responsive to and what generates the best results. Also, because social media is in real time, we account for last minute press or other breaking news, and allow for flexibility to keep current and nimble.

PR News: What are the business objectives for your activity on Twitter?

Gilmer: We devote time and energy to Twitter to help us build brand awareness, share our brand messages in an interactive setting and cultivate brand evangelists. We share bits of information on a daily basis, but we also like to engage with our followers by initiating conversation with followers and responding to questions, comments, complaints and kudos. Twitter is also a place that some of our Stylist force use for customer service purposes and we like to be able to provide a real time response in this space.

PR News: What are some tactics to help your tweets stand out in a crowded Twitter feed?

Gilmer: To stand out as a brand on Twitter, you should show some personality. Don't be afraid to have a sense or humor or wit, people like this. Just make sure it feels right and can lend itself to your brand personality. Also, actively engage with users who are talking about your brand, where appropriate. Create ways to recognize your followers, say thank you to people who are giving you kudos and correct situations when there are problems.

PR News: What’s the one key tip you’ll offer attendees of the Big 3 Conference on August 9?

Gilmer: Engage in hashtags. Take advantage and utilize existing hashtags where applicable (i.e. Use #WineWednesday if you are a wine brand). Also create your own and promote it. Hashtags are the best way to identify conversations, and also serve other purposes such as hosting live chats and sweepstakes.

Attend PR News' Big 3 Conference on August 9 in San Francisco and learn more from social media leaders like Amy Gilmer.

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