[VIDEO] Conference Board’s Ivan Pollard Joins PRNEWS Live

This week on PRNEWS Live we welcomed Ivan Pollard, former General Mills global CMO who now leads The Conference Board's (TCB) Marketing and Communication Center.

Among the topics we discussed was Pollard's erstwhile colleague at General Mills, Betty Crocker. At the tender age of 1, Ms. Crocker, now 100 years young, taught the world everything it needs to know about authentic consumer engagement, Pollard contends.

Speaking of teaching, Pollard mentioned topics TCB's marketing and communication unit will focus on during the coming year. These include corporate reputation, heritage's role in decision making and the public's expectations of brands.

Moreover, we discussed how companies, large and small, must find the proper mix of technology and humanity to attract and retain customers. Moreover, we asked about messaging overload, as the average person sees 6K-10K ads daily. A student of physics, Pollard gave us two predictions for 2022, including his forecast for English football and a bearish view for traditional advertising.

In addition to this session, you can view PRNEWS' entire library of free LinkedIn Live streams here.

Note: The labelling in the picture identifies Pollard as an employee of General Mills. Formerly he was with that company. As mentioned above, he's TCB's Marketing and Communication Center head.

Seth Arenstein is editor of PRNEWS and Crisis Insider. Follow him: @skarenstein