A Look at PR Metrics That’ll Fade in ’18, and Which Will Dominate

Katie PaineCEO,Paine Publishing

It’s hard to look too far ahead given the world’s enormous uncertainties. Who knows when the next climate disaster will hit? If the government will shut down or whether nuclear war looms? As Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yet PR pros thrive on chaos and crisis. You’ll be in your element regardless. Here are ideas that might help you prepare.

1. Your next crisis is only a hashtag away: Whether driven by your CEO’s wayward tweet, a stupid deal half a world away or one of the #metoo- or #timesup-style issues surging or as yet unborn, every major brand and company is at risk of public shaming. Crisis communications plans, if not in place already, will need to be updated monthly.

2. A bigger announcement will eclipse yours:Whether it’s a “bombogenesis,” an actual bomb or a political bombshell, something will no doubt screw up your best laid announcement plans.


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