Learn from George H.W. Bush’s Shaved Head Solidarity

Image: The Office of George Bush
Image: The Office of George Bush

Former President George H.W. Bush shaved his head to show support for a two-year-old suffering from leukemia, according to Politico. Patrick, surname withheld, is the son of a member of Bush's security detail. Upon seeing several Secret Service men had elected to shave their heads in solidarity with Patrick, Bush took the step as well.

A feel-good story has legs, especially one so personal.

This is a point that William B. Horne, president and CEO of Truist, drives home in his chapter in PR News' "Guide to Best Practices in CSR & Green PR, Vol. 6" guidebook. "Consumers should feel that your company is an integrated part of their community—even if you are a multinational corporation," Horne says.

Here are 12 key questions to ask about your cause marketing program, courtesy of Horne.

> Does the program help to differentiate your brand?

> Is the program bolstering your company’s reputation?

> Does the program engage and inspire employees and customers?

> Are you publicizing your program through multiple channels?

> Are you listening to feedback from key stakeholders?

> Are you evolving and adapting the program on a continuous basis?

> Does the program take advantage of your company’s strengths?

> Are you following industry best practices?

> Can you tie the program back to core business objectives?

> Do you have buy-in from senior management?

> Are you using the best technology tools for the job?

> Are you keeping on top of tracking, measuring and reporting your impact?

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