It’s Good to Be King: How Creating Quality Content Solves SEO Issues

Keyword-based SEO is a trap. Most of us know that keyword stuffing is a bad idea, but many aren’t aware that most of the effort put into keywords is of low consequence. Keywords shouldn’t be viewed as a primary metric but rather as a natural result of effective content that brings value to the target reader. Algorithms are smarter these days, and effective conversion comes from truly understanding the voice needed to reach the ideal target market.
SEO Isn’t Dead, but These Myths Must Die
Before we get too far into that, let me touch on stubborn, enduring SEO myths that need to bite the dust. Google’s algorithms underwent major changes in 2011 with its Panda update. A subsequent update in 2012, Penguin, pushed things even further. The primary focus was to reduce the impact of sleazy SEO tricks for ranking pages higher and increase the relevance of high-quality content:

Keywords matter and we should stuff them anywhere we can.
Keyword phrases stuffed into written content for supposed SEO gains are obvious. There’s no reason why “San Francisco car mechanic” should show up once, let alone 10 times, in a 500-word piece. Rather than getting ranked highly, all you’ll end up doing is losing credibility with your target reader and diminishing your search engine rankings.
Links matter, too, so let’s swap links anywhere we can.


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