How the Pandemic Changed SEO and Trends You Need to Know in 2021


We know 2020 forced business to make many changes. This was true for SEO too.

Online services took a huge step forward, inserting themselves into how we navigate our lives. As a result, business’s online presence came under more scrutiny and, happily, standards rose.

While 2021 may promise a return to previous practices, SEO and the online landscape are permanently altered. We see the below as major themes for 2021. Many spring from forced changes brought about in 2020.

Site Usability will Grow as a Major Ranking Factor. Recently, Google shifted focus to analytically tackle the nebulous concepts of site usability and user experience. Promoting sites that meet users’ needs over those trying to play the algorithm was long the goal. Google has relied on indirect factors, like keyword density, to provide metrics for its algorithm.

This changes with Core Web Vitals.


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