10 Content Promotion Questions to Ask Before Typing a Single Word [infographic]

Content-Marketing1-e1349182553634Producing good web content alone won't get you far, even if you have the most minimal of marketing goals for that content. Without a thorough promotional strategy, your content might as well be locked away in a leather-bound diary.

Your promotional strategy should be built into the development of the content. This is the best way to avoid a whole lot of wasted effort. To help you do that, Business Wire has produced this decision tree infographic, which lists a series of useful questions to consider before you dive into content creation.

These questions—and answers—may even help inspire you to take your content ideas in new and profitable directions. There's no telling what shareable infographics of your own you'll be able to produce if you start viewing your content ideas through a promotional lens.

 How to Promote Your Content Infographic

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