How Bell Helicopter Ensures Brand Is at the Heart of Everything It Does

Robert Hastings, EVP, CCO, Bell Helicopter

The Trend: What’s trending is brand. I attended the CEB Chief Communications Officers Roundtable recently and while there were several trends discussed, as soon as we touched on brand we stayed there. Among the topics discussed were “what is communications’ and PR’s role in brand?” And “what is brand’s role in PR and communications?”


The Reaction:What makes this extremely timely for Bell Helicopter is it relates to the recent reorganization of my team. We looked very hard at how we do business. We asked: “Are we doing enough to leverage the brand?” “Are we getting enough value out of the brand?” And “are we contributing to the value of the brand?”

My CEO, Mitch Snyder, has a way of crystallizing issues. He loves Corvettes. It’s the only car he drives.


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