Museum Promotes Careers in PR as it Celebrates AAPI Pioneers

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hate crimes against the Asian community have increased. Indeed, they rose 339 percent in 2021–an unprecedented level.

Surrounded by so much hate and misunderstanding, we often wonder what can we do to affect change? As communicators, we must educate ourselves and our community about the struggles of underrepresented groups, such as those in the Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community.

On May 3, the Museum of Public Relations will host its third annual celebration of AAPI Heritage Month. The event will celebrate extraordinary stories of often-unknown members of the AAPI community who've worked in PR and communication.

“We need to know and celebrate ALL our histories and from diverse perspectives," says Dr. Bey-Ling Sha, dean, College of Communications, California State University, Fullerton. "Not acknowledging the full truth of anything is to permit partial truths to masquerade as the whole, which is obviously problematic,” adds Sha, a special guest at the May 3 celebration.

By shining a light on the rich heritage of AAPI history, and some extraordinary pioneers, the Museum hopes to get young members of the AAPI community interested in PR careers. The event's second goal is dispelling some misinformation and misrepresentation surrounding the AAPI community.

AAPI PR Pioneers
Teodoro 'Teddy' Benigno, Jr.


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