Should PR Pros Think Like Futurists During This Uncertain Time?

One of the few certainties during the period we’re living in is how uncertain it is. That makes communication more complex. Communicators know flexibility and adaptability are vital in message creation at a time of potential global political instability, inflation and possible recession, supply chain hang-ups and a pandemic that lingers. Still, even experienced communicators stumble.

There are few things more uncertain than COVID. Even as mask mandates are lifted, the virus pokes through. For instance, at our press time, media reports warned of rising COVID levels in NYC. Certainly, COVID infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths are not at previous levels there. Still, NYC health officials are urging additional caution. And they are considering reauthorizing indoor masking.

"We know a lot more about the virus now than we did in 2020, and businesses have learned to adapt," says Katherine Harris Griffith, VP, Elizabeth Christian PR. Still, she concedes, "It's important for companies to pay attention to the virus and what it's doing in the communities they serve...


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