Disney Parks’ Videos, Photos Lead Travel Brands on Social

The Disney machine motors on in the digital age. Disneyland and Walt Disney World were the top travel brands on social last year, according to exclusive Shareablee data supplied to PR News. The parks’ formula was a pastiche of excellent on-site holiday photos and slick videos, particularly one featuring the shadows of Mickey and Minnie and incredulous shoppers. Disneyland was the top travel brand for engagement on Instagram and Twitter. Walt Disney World topped Facebook. Using a series of clever storytelling videos on Facebook about air hostesses on a soccer pitch, customer service and Jennifer Aniston seeking a shower, Emirates was the surprising #3 travel brand on social, just ahead of Qatar Airways. Consumer photos on Facebook of rainbows at Yosemite National Park made it the No. 3 tourist destination on social.


PR News Travel Ranking 012716

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