Dave Thomas Foundation Gets Inspirational on Pinterest

Staci Perkins

Fashion, craft and food brands are top performers on the ultra-visual Pinterest platform. Yet organizations that prefer to tell stories on Pinterest, such as the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, also attract eyeballs. As Staci Perkins, director of Marketing and Communications for Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption says in the following Q&A, there is an opportunity to tap into a new group of brand advocates and raise awareness for your organization. Perkins will elaborate on Pinterest and its unique applications at PR News’ Big 3 Conference on August 9 in San Francisco.

PR News: What type of content do you post to Pinterest and how does it differ from what you post on Facebook or Twitter?

Staci Perkins: We post content from our Web site and structure our Pinterest boards in the same way as our Web site. We post news stories, inspirational stories, helpful resources and information on technology for nonprofits. We also post to several other group boards.

PR News: What are some tips to engage an audience on Pinterest? 

Our audience wants to see success stories and inspiration most of all, so we are thoughtful and deliberate about posting that content to keep them engaged.

PR News: What can Pinterest do that other platforms can’t?

Perkins: Obviously since Pinterest is graphics-based, that platform can truly showcase visuals better than other social media sites. We’ve seen an entirely new group of advocates and increased awareness from Pinterest and we use the platform to tell the story of foster care adoption. We love sharing success stories to dispel the myths of foster care adoption, and to support those who have or will adopt.

PR News: What’s one key tip you’ll share with attendees at the Big 3 Conference?

Perkins: When in doubt about how to get started on Pinterest, use the same layout as your Web site to create your boards. Also, not everything on Pinterest needs to be a photo. There are ways to pin text, such as quotes, through new free tools like Share as Image.

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