The Human Touch is Necessary: An All-Inclusive Tool Remains Elusive…for Now

Imagine if someone assessed the needs of PR professionals and created a seamless, all-in-one, virtual tool to guide organizations and companies through the entire PR crisis process.

This creation would include a central online area for crisis planning. It might even suggest and schedule crisis preparation exercises. In addition it would feature monitoring capabilities for social and traditional media.

At the outset of a crisis the tool automatically would offer holding statements, prompt activation of personnel, contacting key executives regardless of their location or device they’re using. It would schedule team huddles, send reminders and provide data in advance to participants.

It might even offer suggested dates for debriefing sessions, checking the availability of necessary personnel.
The Human Element
While broad-ranging crisis tools sound like an ideal solution, some crisis pros say they’re years away. It will take time for tech to catch up with crisis needs.

“Like other critical business areas, there is a maturity of technology going on in crisis management as the need and the frequency have grown,” says Christopher Britton, GM, RockDove, a tech provider.

Similarly, Michelle Lyng, CEO and founder of Novitas Communications, echoes a theme about AI-powered tools heard in other areas of PR. Humans continue to offer things tools can’t replicate.


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