Tools, Updates to Monitor against Disinformation, Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement

[Editor’s Note: PRNEWS rounded up a few brand safety-related tools and updates that have come out in recent weeks to help communicators monitor against copyright infringement, disinformation and more.

For a roundup of recent communications-specific generative AI tools, view our story here.]

Copyright Infringement Detection: Viral Nation_Secure

Discussions about potential copyright infringement have been swirling since the release of chatGPT. While the PR Council and others have provided guidelines on generative AI, including checking against copyright infringement, this may sometimes seem an insurmountable task.

It’s not just the rise of AI that’s caused a kerfuffle. Recently, several members of the National Music Publishers’ Association announced they are suing Twitter for “countless infringing copies of musical compositions.”

Copyright infringement, even unintentional, can be costly for brands, with courts potentially ordering up to $150,000 per work in damages.

Viral Nation_Secure audits posts across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter to monitor social media activity of brand advocates, sponsored influencers, executives and employees.

Its most recent update includes AI-powered copyright infringement detection for music and audio. This will enable users to identify instances of copyright infringement of owned music and audio files used in social media posts, which may be of particular concern for brands leveraging user-generated content, says Mike Gagliese, VP of Product Marketing, Viral Nation.


Disinformation Identification: Vinesight RMR 2.0

Remember when Eli Lily lost billions in market cap after a tweet was posted from an impersonation account claiming that “insulin is free now?”

VineSight, which analyzes share patterns (who shared what with whom), and does not require keywords, hashtags or sentiment, identifies disinformation or misinformation faster. The technology tracks posts across a dozen fringe and mainstream platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, Truth Social, Gab, GETTR, VK, 4CHAN and 8KUN.

The company recently updated its Reputation Management and Response (RMR) solution to more accurately identify online disinformation before it goes viral. It does this by tracking a narrative’s age (seconds, minutes, days, weeks), vector (across which platforms and how many), velocity (speed of growth), volume (how relevant to others) and veracity (credibility of the influencers pushing posts in the narrative), explains Gideon Blocq, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder of Vinesight.