A Quick Journey into PR’s History Holds More Than a Few Surprises

[Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of articles about the history of PR. The series is a joint effort with the Museum of PR. It celebrates the 75th anniversary of PRNEWS.]

Jared Meade, Museum of PR/President, NW OH Chapter, PRSA

I stood outside the glass door in inquisitive anticipation. It slid open with a barely audible whoosh. As I stepped inside, the familiar scent of old books overcame me. I was in the world’s only museum dedicated to PR; it was paradise.

Since 1997, the Museum of Public Relations has served as the primary repository for papers, artifacts, photos and oral histories documenting PR’s development. The original works of Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays, Doris Fleischman, Arthur W. Page and others fill its archives. It also hosts events.
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I didn’t know where to begin.


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