NFL, Tampa Communicate COVID Protocols: Will Super Bowl Fans Listen?

Super Bowl LIV logo

In a year when many questioned if major league sports would return, we’ve witnessed a World Series, the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, amongst other championship events. Albeit these all occurred without fans in the stands. 

On Sunday, Feb. 7, the U.S. will witness a first during the pandemic—more than 22,000 ticket holders attending the Super Bowl, in-person, at the actual venue, Raymond James Stadium, which holds 75,000 people. This, of course, brings a new set of challenges to the event—maintaining the health and safety of attendees.  

The NFL, Super Bowl Host Committee and Tampa Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau worked to create health and safety guidelines for game attendees, as well as visitors traveling to the city. However, establishing guidelines is one thing—getting out this messaging to thousands is another. 
Direct to Consumer
While the city of Tampa and Host Committee play a great role in Super Bowl attendees' safety regarding travel and activities, the NFL holds the most captive audience concerning brand reputation. For attendees, it went a highly technological route, creating a fan game day playbook online, as well as communicating directly with ticket holders via an app. 

The playbook includes logistical and safety information: maps of the Super Bowl compound and COVID-19-related information, featuring a football-themed video on game day safety tips.


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