2012 Top Places to Work in PR: The Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation 

The Annie E. Casey Foundation's culture is both professional and entrepreneurial. The foundation seeks out employees who have are thought leaders and have strong credentials in their areas of expertise. There is a deep-seated belief that diversity is a critical source of strength for the organization. Casey is committed to fairness, a climate of respect and values attributes such as teamwork, integrity, and honesty. The organizational culture also seeks to foster trusting relationships among all employees. The work it does requires consensus-oriented decision-making and innovative ideas. Bias, favoritism and nepotism are corrosive to the organization's mission and are not acceptable at the foundation.

Casey recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the success of the organization. The foundation offers professional development in-house, outside of the organization, as well as tuition assistance to all employees. The foundation will provide tuition set to an annual maximum set by the IRS Regulation for eligible expenses at an accredited college or university. All courses for which tuition assistance is requested must be approved by the employee's direct supervisor and/or director as appropriate. The 2012 in-house professional development opportunities were outlined in a curriculum posted on the foundation's internal website for staff. Professional development workshops included: Project Management, Philanthropy, Results-based Facilitation, HR and the Law for Managers, and Race Matters in Philanthropy. 

In addition to these workshops, the foundation's Talent Leadership Development unit customizes workshops and trainings for organizational units on an as needed basis. If employees find professional development opportunities outside of the organization they are encouraged to attend. Employees must have their supervisor and/or director approve requests for professional development outside of the organization.

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