2012 Digital PR Awards: Mobile Initiative

Co-Winner: American Cancer Society - QuitBuddy with Mobile Engagement for Smoking Cessation & Lung Cancer Awareness

With lung cancer being the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States for men and women, it’s no surprise that lung cancer awareness and tobacco control are top priorities for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The message was clear: most cases of lung cancer are preventable.

To keep up with changing times and technologies, the ACS winning team of Kristen Grant, Jennifer Coulombe, Elizabeth Hammer and Miles Orkin needed a whole new strategy. With the understanding that mobile technology has emerged as one of the most effective ways to deliver messaging, the ACS launched QuitBuddy in February of 2012.  QuitBuddy was created as a texting tool to help smokers stay motivated in their journey to quit smoking. A simple text of QUIT to 22723 opened the door to a support group supportive messages and helpful tips. Information about the campaign was spread via ad placement on public transportation such as the NJ Transit and social media campaigns.

Did it help the cause? Five hundred individuals used the tool and over 1,600 messages were requested. The ACS gained an additional 82 followers and its Facebook page saw a 3% increase. 

Co-Winner: Vodafone and Plasenta - VODAFONE Farmer Club: Vodafone Reaps What It Sows


Agriculture is hugely important to the Turkish economy with nearly 27% of the country’s population being involved. Despite agriculture’s popularity, the market had gone largely ignored by the mobile telephone industry. Believing it could bring more value to the agriculture sector through creating a mobile device specific to their needs, Vodafone (VF) conducted research to figure out the online media practices of farmers.

By doing so, VF was able to offer farmers economical mobile phones, give them information they need, combine free advantages and services into one program and use the latest technology to help increase productivity among agriculture companies. For the first time in Turkey, VF’s winning team of Kerem Karacasulu, Ozle Turkan, Gokce Vahapoglu and Yigit Ozcan would create mobile information and design technology for farmers. “Farmers Club” membership would be free and there would be no service cost until harvest time. 

Members would be able to text free ads of their crops and equipment. The service also allowed uses to post their ads on Turkey’s largest agricultural e-business Web site. Press meetings with local farmers, traveling truck promotions to host person-to-person meetings, print and TV ads were all done to inform potential users and highlight Vodafone’s efforts.The first year objective was to acquire no less than 350,000 subscribers. That goal was shattered as the subscriber base increased by 700,000 new farmer customers. Farmers now generate 5% of Vodafone’s postpaid revenue.

Honorable Mentions

  • Accenture - Accenture iPhone app
  • DC Interactive Group - Sherman Health ICE App
  • Kanyon Shopping Center - Kanyonline
  • NBC Entertainment - For Your Emmy Consideraion
  • TTNET - Tivibu Home Controlle

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