2012 Digital PR Awards: Influencer Communications

Winner: GroundFloor Media -- Launch of LiveWell Moms Ambassador Program

Even though it was named the leanest state in the nation, Colorado still has a serious obesity problem. To battle the problem, the state knew it had to find a way to educate the residents of Colorado about healthy lifestyle changes. Ground Floor media faced the challenge of developing a program to support the “Culture Change Campaign,” specifically to engage influential moms around the state

The LiveWell Moms program was created with the objectives of increasing the program’s visibility among obesity education and prevention programs across the state; grow membership by 20-30 moms per month; and help generate new content for social media. To establish credibility, a group of influential moms were chosen though online research and professional networks. Designed to be an interactive forum to share healthy living ideas, Ground Floor stressed the importance of making the process of engaging with other participants as easy as possible. To make sure the engagement was maximized; numerous tactics were implemented including research of online forums and case studies highlighting LiveWell Moms. In a year’s time the program grew to include more than 450 moms, which topped the initial goal. LiveWell Colorado has received 40 posts from Super Moms to date. The LiveWell Moms section of the LiveWell Colorado receives an average of 1,300 views per month. 

Honorable Mentions

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  • GolinHarris - The Family Arches Community
  • Mastercard - MasterCard e-Influencer Campaign
  • SHIFT Communications - Influencer Join the Block Party