Vaccine Campaign Messaging Promotes Real-Life Moments

Grandpa plays with baby granddaughter

COVID-19 vaccine messaging is about to get another shot in the arm through the release of a confidence campaign called “Because of This,” launching today. 

It includes four PSAs that remind Americans of the reasons for vaccination: the importance of our close, personal relationships. Ads include people who provided footage for the campaign. The main tactic is to mix science with humanity, which PR pros believe will help promote vaccination. 

“These are real people sharing their real emotions and reasons to get vaccinated and, in the process, hoping to inspire others to do the same,” says Sharon Castillo, a Pfizer spokesperson.

One ad features the simple act of a tearful, mask-less hug, something many have missed as they socially distance. Another shows a 74-year-old grandpa having a playdate with his new granddaughter, his index finger held tight in her tiny hand. The short snapshots make the viewer reflect on the small but important human moments that can be safely experienced again through vaccination. 

An alliance of healthcare associations as well as Pfizer and BioNTech collaborated on the messaging. The groups included: the American Nurses Association, National Black Nurses Association, American Pharmacists Association, The American College of Emergency Physicians and American College of Preventive Medicine.

“Research revealed that people are more likely to consider vaccination when reminded of the personal reasons to do so, combined with factual information from trusted sources, including the CDC and FDA,” Castillo says.

Dini von Mueffling Communications (DVMC) and Mischief @ No Fixed Address collaborated to create the campaign and its four PSAs, which will air on the collective’s social channels as well as on television stations across the country. 

Greg Hahn, co-founder and chief creative officer at Mischief @ No Fixed Address, says: “There will be massive amounts of data and science circulating in the media supporting why we should all take a COVID-19 vaccine. In conjunction with all that, we wanted to connect on an emotional level. To remind us of all the small moments we are losing to the virus and how special they would feel to have back.”

The message accompanying all spots iterates that personal connection: “Science can make it possible. Only you can make it real.” Ads drive viewers to, which links to third-party sites offering detailed information about COVID-19, including  the CDC and World Health Organization. 

“One of the greatest tasks facing Americans right now is understanding that widespread vaccination is an essential part of returning to the way our lives used to be,” says Dini von Mueffling, founder and CEO of DVMC. “At a moment when tens of millions are infected in our country—with the worst likely yet to come after this holiday season—we are asking people to remember the sweet, everyday moments that are worth getting vaccinated for.”

Nicole Schuman is senior editor for PRNEWS. Follow her @buffalogal