Using Research to Prepare for Quick Reaction to Emotional Situations


For some in financial services the late-January phenomena of GameStop represented an existential threat. For others, it was a chance to take a position. Unforeseen events like these are accelerating: Black Lives Matter and the Capitol insurrection commanded explosive and widespread notoriety. In response, courageous executives acted. This was not possible without prior planning and consideration.

In response to the Capitol riot Jan. 6, such major companies as PricewaterhouseCoopers, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Amazon and Comcast announced they were pausing, reconsidering or halting funding from their political action committees (PACs) to certain lawmakers [see lead story].

Some organizations hesitated before acting; others did nothing. Certain companies remained idle because they feared getting it wrong owing to the situation’s velocity and their unpreparedness. Nimble organizations are ready to mobilize when, and if, the moment arises.
Research Can Help
Serious strategic planning for communicators focuses on target audiences, key media to reach those audiences, delivery of intended messages and timing. Every year, PR departments and agencies refresh plans to align on a reasonable and methodical course to achieve stated objectives.


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