Tip Sheet: Make the Agency/Client Bond a Strong One

In the dynamic world of public relations, PR agencies thrive from the successes of their clients. It is vital to remember that victories are shared experiences and both parties mutually benefit from wins. Developing an agency relationship is a commitment that both sides must own. The client has to give the time and effort to educate the agency while the agency has to give the time and effort to get up to speed about the client and its work.
Here are 10 ways to make the agency/client relationship a win/win:
1. Define what success looks like right away: From the gate, make sure you agree on specific goals that can be measured along the way. Have an honest conversation about your needs and work with your agency to define how you are going to get there—together.
2. Don’t underestimate a check-in: Schedule weekly calls and reports so that both teams are on the same page. Over-communicate to make sure the relationship is developing in a healthy way. Keep updates on goals and measurable objectives, and be accessible so no one is left in the dark on the progress of a project. Ultimately, share as much information as possible to make sure all parties are maximizing their potential.


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