The Well-Provisioned War Room And Why You Need One

When a crisis erupts, the communications team goes to ground, huddling in the "war room," the "command center." From this hub, PR leadership can call the shots, watching as the story unfolds and adjusting communications strategy moment to moment.

The modern war room is thoughtfully outfitted. Technology plays a role, documents are a must, staffing is a critical factor and then there are the little things. Stock the fridge with sodas; you may be in here for a while.

So, what does the well-provisioned war room look like in real life?

At Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina, it is a separate physical space, an actual room set aside for no other purpose than to serve as "communications central" in times of crisis. It's an interior room with no windows, safe from the unpredictable weather that sometimes plagues the area. The room boasts enhanced security and fire protection, with dedicated phone and Internet connections separate from the main PBX. There's a conference table, white boards and a video conferencing unit.


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