The Week in PR

Legal: We talk to brand communicators, even those who work for relatively large ones, who remain unaware of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations pertaining to paid influencers. We’ve written about them often, including an item on this page last week. The FTC has publicized its requirements that celebs paid to endorse products on social disclose that fact prominently in the post or video. We’re guessing an Aug. 22 move by the nonprofit Truth in Advertising, Inc. (TIA), may do as much or more to publicize the regs than the FTC’s webinar series. The group publically blasted the Kardashian family and brands they represent for failing to disclose that these mega celebrities are paid to push products on social. While TIA has no legal authority, it threatened to complain to the FTC should the Kardashians fail to follow the rules. With the Kardashians’ tremendous social media following, the FTC has to be grateful to TIA for spreading the word. – Speaking of regs that communicators sometimes fail to know about but should, a story concerning Chipotle and tweets provides useful lessons. The major one: Make sure your brand’s social media policy meets National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regulations. NLRB Aug.


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