Seven Steps You’ll Need to Complete the AMEC Measurement Framework

[Editor’s Note: In the interest of transparency, the author runs a consulting organization that designs measurement programs. She’s also developed a framework that she uses in her business.]

I’ve just spent the better part of one day trying to navigate the hottest thing in measurement this month: the AMEC Measurement Framework, unveiled with great fanfare in July during the AMEC Measurement Summit in London. It’s an interactive version of the original AMEC framework, designed to make it easier for clients to implement Barcelona Standard-compliant measurement in their organizations.

It features multi-colored squares. Each requires you to provide information about your organization program or campaign. The squares are: Objectives, Inputs, Activity, Outputs, Out-takes, Outcomes and Organizational Impact. When you click on a square it asks you questions like, “What are the broad objectives of your organization? And what are your communications objectives?”

Visually, it is certainly an enormous improvement over the old version, which, I will confess, I have never once been able to get a client to comprehend. And the interactive nature of the Framework is a lot less daunting than the old PowerPoint version. Still, I love it.


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