The Six-Step Philosophy Makes PR a Fact-Based, Successful Activity

For those interested in approaching PR as a research-and-reality-informed process, there is a simple framework: ‘the Public Relations continuum.’ In the fast-paced omni-channel world of modern PR, this fact-based philosophy provides a blueprint for success. The six-step cycle drives continual improvement, versus objectives and against competitors, to provide opportunities for refinement with every rotation.

Research drives the progression. The two most-common reasons communicators invest in PR research is to: 1) demonstrate the value of PR and 2) generate a positive return on investment (ROI). A research-based progression, the PR Continuum satisfies both.

The amount of data available, some of it free, makes this process more accessible than ever.

Six to Succeed: Data and analysis power the fact-based PR Continuum’s steps to success.Source: The author
Landscape Analysis
The process begins with The Landscape Analysis, which applies research to assess your operating environment, internally and externally. This formative step enables ‘clean-slate PR,’ which makes no assumptions about objectives, strategies, tactics or outcomes. The approach fosters a fresh start for assessing the priorities of the organization and the audiences with whom you communicate.

Landscape Analysis also takes an objective view of past performance, competitors and society to determine the degree to which PR can advance the organization’s priorities.


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