PR Needs to Think Strategically to Pitch Better, Tech Insider Says

woman working on phone

[Editor's Note: Tech insider Lisa Morgan has an 'all-sides-of-the-desk' background. In addition to traditional shoe-leather reporting jobs, she's developed branded and sponsored content for outlets including The Economist Intelligence Unit, InformationWeek, SD Times and Cyber Security Hub. In addition to earning a law degree, Morgan had stints at PR agencies, programmed conferences and helped judge tech awards programs. Late last month, the 'politely pushy' tech PR firm Bospar signed her as VP, content.

Hoping to tap into her extensive experience, we asked Morgan to discuss the state of PR agency pitching. In short, she believes many PR firms need to think more and stop using databases as a substitute for thinking. She commiserates with PR pros, noting their heavy workload. Still, she feels there's time to think and be strategic. Her remarks were lightly edited. A revised version of this interview will run in the November edition of PRNEWS.]
PRNEWS: As a former journalist, what do you think PR can do better?
Lisa Morgan: There are very common mistakes PR is making on pitching and they’re made regularly.


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