Online Marketing Needs a Mobile-First Approach

Brands and organizations of all stripes have spent the last few years moving to a digital-first marketing strategy. But they shouldn’t get too comfortable, as the digital-first approach is about to get eclipsed by the mobile-first approach. According to Google’s Dashboard Research Insights, smartphone penetration has risen to 56 percent of the population. And these smartphone owners are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices: 67 percent access the Web every day on their smartphone. The uptick for communicators? If they want to get in front of customers and prospects, mobile messaging has to be at the center of their PR efforts, not the margins.

Smartphones are with us both at home and on-the-go.


Your audience members may be at home relaxing, but they’re not sitting in front of a desktop. They’re buzzing around, with their mobile device never too far from reach.

Smartphone users are frequent social networkers.


It’s arguably the most pronounced example of how to kill two birds with one stone. Online, that is. You need to meld your social media campaigns with your mobile marketing strategy. It turns out that the majority of people who are surgically attached to their mobile devices are in the habit of visiting their social networks, and fairly frequently, to boot.

Spike sales lift via online video.


Online video should be another important component of your mobile marketing strategy. As part of an earned/owned/paid media play, online video can have a direct impact on sales lift.

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