One View of the Year’s Top PR Crises [VIDEO]

It's a yearly tradition that Solomon McCown & Cence (SM&C) debuts its top-PR-crises-of-the-year video at our site.

Another tradition is urging you, our readers, to list your picks for the top 5 crises before viewing the brief video. While this makes for some amusement, we're not implying this year's top 5 crises were amusing. Nearly all of them included victims.

For example, the crises include allegations of sexual misconduct in sports and in the workplace, as well as social media's harmful influence on young women. In addition, there's financial misbehavior, among other things.

These crises are just five of many that occurred in 2021. No doubt readers will have their own choices.

Still, reviewing the crises in this short video, with T.J. Winick, an SVP at SM&C as host, offers lessons and reminds communicators of the importance of crisis preparation and prompt, appropriate response.

Watch this year's video here.