Navy, Marines Take 2 Paths on Crisis

Katie Paine, CEO, Paine Publishing

There were too many examples last month of organizations screwing up. We could have piled on PwC for the Oscars, but given that Hollywood obsessed about it for weeks, it was hard to find much more to say. And of course, we would have loved to weigh in on the great leggings-on-United kerfuffle clinging to Twitter as, well, leggings do. But frankly, in these times, all that seemed trivial compared to a couple of serious crises plaguing America’s military.
U.S. Marines Corps vs. U.S. Navy
No, we’re not talking about a football game (in fact, Marines can play on Navy’s team, but that’s not the point). We’re talking about two crises with enormous ramifications that have engulfed the armed forces in the last month.

First there was news that a private social media group known as Marines United had shared sexually explicit photos of female Marines.


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