Multicultural Communications Next Uncharted Territory: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

latin woman on a computer using artificial intelligence

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping every aspect of how we conduct communications. From a multicultural sense, we must understand how to facilitate cultural storytelling that is productive and inclusive through AI. In some ways, it resonates with this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month theme: Todos Somos, Somos Uno – We are all, we are one. We communicate the importance of being together in our messaging as a culture and society. Everywhere you look and consume media, Hispanics always incorporate a message of unity—our apt concept.

When it comes to AI, we must first think about how to best utilize this transformative tool to connect with diverse Hispanic populations—by building community. Before discussing messaging, we must also address how it might push communities away. We must be mindful of our vast diversity as a demographic and have it reflected in any AI technology. When we call out how AI offers limited multicultural messaging, we can learn and generate tangible solutions to encourage growth and brand loyalty.

AI Factors to Consider for PR Pros

For communicators, formulating a multicultural strategic communications plan specifically tied to Latinos can establish authenticity and a genuine commitment to cultural ties and needs through brand loyalty.  It takes time and effort that requires a thoughtful and culturally sensitive approach. PR pros must consider how AI will change in the following areas:

  1. Technology: With AI-powered tools such as translation tools, chatboxes, virtual assistants, localization, and more, brands can streamline and create campaigns that are accessible in various languages for people to consume.
  2. Content: Thanks to the algorithms, user data and preferences can be analyzed to deliver specific culture-personalized content. In addition, storytellers can use AI to formulate and expedite content creation—whether it is generating headlines, reports, or any marketing communications collateral.
  3. Data: With the emergence of AI-centric data analytics tools, in-house and agency pros can gain insight into Hispanic behaviors, sentiments, and trends where they can adjust their strategies in different markets. Implementing metrics and KPIs in your plan can also measure the effectiveness of your AI-centric multicultural communications.
  4. Legal: Companies should be aware of the ethical ramifications when using AI. Ensure all user privacy procedures, data usage protocols, and data protection rules comply with organizational and government legislation structures. Every country is different, and it may affect how information is collected.

Communicators should also note the importance of human oversight and having a team to examine and make informed decisions on culturally sensitive topics. Education, testing and training with a strong emphasis on cultural awareness and multicultural context for ethical use is something that organizations must incorporate moving forward. Feedback is key.

By considering all these factors, PR pros can effectively leverage AI to create inclusive, culturally sensitive and multicultural communications that resonate with diverse audiences. As varied and vast as the Hispanic demographic is, our storytelling should demonstrate its unique flavor in many dialects and perceptions. Incorporate it authentically and make it culturally impactful for everyone. La Comunidad es lo que nos unie (Community is what unites us).

Yesenia Reinoso is the founder and principal of Y Communicate. Follow her at: @y.communicate.