A Case for Research: ‘Begin Simply and Simply Begin’

One of the biggest and most pervasive PR myths is that good measurement must be expensive and complicated. Years ago, speaking at a PRNEWS Measurement Conference, I shared stories from a variety of Fortune 500 clients. This seemed like the best way to illustrate the importance of communication research. After all, if the biggest PR departments invested in research, everyone should.

Then, a member of the audience commented, ‘I know what you’re saying is right. But I don’t have a Fortune 500 budget. So, rather than doing it wrong, I choose not to measure’

I realized that in promoting my position, I perpetuated the myth I was committed to dispelling.

In fact, research is more accessible now to more professional communicators. The Institute for Public Relations and AMEC offer all the guidance you need, including case studies, methodologies and instructional frameworks. What’s more, communication technology platforms are ubiquitous and at many price points…some cost nothing! With free and low-cost technology, the decision to measure, even with a modest budget, is a matter of willingness rather than ability.
Simple Measures
Despite having little or no budget and management not demanding data, consider the positive effects of even simple measurement.


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