LinkedIn to Offer Users Access to Advice From Prominent Influencers

When users log on to LinkedIn, most are looking to network with other professionals or update their profiles in hopes of landing a new job.

Now, the professional networking site is upping the ante by adding more expert advice. According to reports, tips will come from a 150-person panel of influencers who will share their expertise via short essays, videos and photos. The panel includes President Obama, oil mogul T. Bone Pickens and craigslist founder Craig Newmark, among others. The INfluencers, as they are being called, were selected based on their name recognition or status within a particular industry.

To access the information, LinkedIn users will simply have to click “follow” to connect with the INfluencers. It’s a contrast to the usual steps of having to send a request to establish a connection with other LinkedIn users.

In a statement, Daniel Roth, executive editor who oversees LinkedIn’s content strategy said: “The goal is to get highly influential thought leaders to use LinkedIn to share big ideas and small ideas and tips. We’re always trying to answer the question, how can you get the right news to the right person on a massive scale?”

How will this benefit PR pros? For starters, the new update will educate communicators as to who the major industry influencers actually are. Being aware of those who have been successful will be informative to PR pros both new and experienced. Secondly, the information these influencers will provide will be helpful to PR pros as they look to improve their communications practices.

The more tips and direction a PR pro gets, the better he or she will be able to effectively publicize a brand or respond when there is a PR crisis. Finally, it will help build the network for PR pros. One of the major perks of LinkedIn is the opportunity to make connections within a specific profession. By following the experts, more opportunities to connect with other PR pros will arise.

The sharing of information is something LinkedIn hopes to increase with this move. And the consumption of information is a habit every PR pro should possess. 

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