Keep on Keeping on: PR Pros Pitching More During Virus

There are two basic ways media relations pros can react to the novel coronavirus: hide or continue working. A new survey shows they’re taking the second route and actually working a bit harder than normal. In April and March, PR pros sent more pitches each day to content creators than they did in February and January, a study released today shows.

In April, media relations pros sent an average of 16 pitches per day to content creators, says a study from tech firm Propel. That’s up from 14 pitches per day in March. In February, the daily average of pitches sent was 13; it was 10 in January.

The company’s survey data includes thousands of pitches from more than 100 U.S.-based PR pros.

In turn, content creators are opening slightly more pitches, Propel’s data shows. They opened 47 percent of pitches in April, vs 45 percent in March. In February, though, they opened 51 percent of pitches and 46 percent in January.

Replies from media are holding steady. In April, 8 percent of pitches received a reply. That’s the same rate as in March. In February, the reply rate was 10 percent; it was 9 percent in January.

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