How Should Brands Approach July 4 Messaging?

American Flag Waving

Freedom can mean many things. And with July 4 approaching, after a year of societal turmoil, many Americans may find their views on patriotism shifting. Pew Research Center says 39 percent of U.S. citizens feel “mostly proud” of their country. Half feel “often proud,” but also “often ashamed." 

With many Americans attempting to understand political differences and social injustices, as well as reeling from economic strife and the loss of 600,000+ COVID-19 patients, it can seem difficult for a flag graphic or fireworks message to resonate. Savvy consumers will notice a brand simply ignoring societal issues, or even worse, delivering false statements of support to make a profit. 

So how can brands and organizations recognize the nation’s independence while remaining sensitive to polarizing social, political and economic issues? Like any good campaign, it’s about honesty, authenticity and integrity, as well as understanding your audience.


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