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A communication maxim is that employees can be an organization’s greatest PR asset. They can represent a company at its finest—organically sharing messaging about perks and successes on social media and subconsciously gathering the interest of potential candidates as well as consumers.

On the other hand, the words and mistakes of employees, at all levels of a company, can lead to PR crises.

For example, think of the racist and sexist emails of now-former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

Or more recently,’s CEO coldly firing 900 employees via Zoom.

And Amazon—well, we’ve all heard a story or two, or 10, about worker mistreatment.

Indeed, failing to rectify employee activities takes its toll. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says companies lose more than $220 billion a year from employee turnover due to toxic work environments, which can include harassment and discrimination. This doesn’t include the cost of litigation or emotional damage.


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