Instagram Commenting Mobilizes to the Web

Ever clicked an Instagram link on your Web browser, only to be reminded that you can’t like or comment on the photo?

Well, that’s about to change.

According to Mashable, the popular photo sharing app has redesigned its Web view, allowing for, yes, likes and comments. The change creates an opportunity for more engagement and interaction among users.

It was a quiet transition for Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion in April, as no major announcement or press release came from the company, according to the Mashable report. The major tweak comes three days after its first update since the Facebook acquisition. In that change, new tab “Explore” replaced the “Popular” tab. says the sudden change is a clear sign that Instagram is looking to expand beyond the phone.

Although there are still more changes on the way for its Web presence, Instagram is making moves that are in line with what other social media outlets are realizing: Engagement is key. And although it’s “just” photos, the ability to access Instagram on the Web, and on tablets, will give the company a big boost and undoubtedly open up other opportunities for visual presentation.

For PR pros, the expansion of Instagram to the Web will give organizations another option to build audiences and connect with fans using the most effective digital currency there is—images.

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