How to Create Perfect Posts on Every Social Media Platform [Infographic]

To call social media revolutionary would be a drastic understatement. Just a little more than a decade since the first Facebook account, social networks have become so ingrained in daily life that imagining a world without them is about as difficult as imagining a world before the lightbulb or automobile.

In public relations, widespread adoption of social media kicked off a renaissance, providing a new way for brands and organizations to engage directly with their audiences. It also provided communications professionals with an entire field to master. Even if your leadership doesn't expect you to be on every network, learning how to make the best use of the many social platforms available to you requires a steep learning curve.

To help you perfect your social posts, myclever agency compiled best practices for posting on LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr into one giant and extremely helpful infographic. Check it out below:



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2 responses to “How to Create Perfect Posts on Every Social Media Platform [Infographic]

  1. Very nicely laid out infographic. A breeze to read through. Surprised that pinterest users dont like to share faces – we are sociable beings and warm to interaction – but then we are evolved to subconsciously read each other at great depth – there could be an endless but interesting analysis regarding which facial pics share and which dont? But in the generic, this isn’t the first time that i recently have heard of survey results stating some level of aversion to people images !?

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