How To…Coordinate Communications Around Nonprofit Efforts in 10 Steps

Nonprofit organizations often face the challenge of a big initiative supported by a small bankroll. While nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes, there is a general procedure for all nonprofit professionals can follow a general procedure that, when considered in the planning stages, can simplify communications strategies. It's just a matter of development, preparation, strategizing and asking for a little help.

With that, consider the following 10 tips for coordinating communications around your nonprofit efforts:

1. Spend time developing the key messages you would like to share with your audiences. It is important to create clear, concise message points that help your target audiences connect with your organization. State points in layman's terms.

2. Prepare for interviews. Don't get caught up in the excitement of an opportunity to speak to the media. Even if the reporter is on a tight deadline take a few moments to review the message points that you would like to get across.

3. Target spokespeople. Identify which individuals will be the spokespersons and provide the necessary coaching to help them properly articulate the organization's message.


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