Deploy Four Communication Styles to Help Craft Emails That Will Succeed in Any Culture


It’s all too common for us as PR pros to equate mastering the art of communication with crafting a compelling message. It’s easy to get lost in what we think is a winning pitch when corresponding with journalists or media counterparts.

In our globalized world, the trick to crafting a compelling pitch goes beyond a timely hook and irresistible subject line. Crafting a powerful message is not enough.

When pitching, we must reframe our approach to effective emailing—which ultimately is defined not by how we communicate, but by how we connect with our words.

Whether we’re in brand management, content strategy, media publishing or another facet of public-facing workplace communication, this new approach to connecting with media counterparts is powerful globally because it is rooted in the human psyche and ingrained in behavioral psychology.

Only after adopting this approach can we begin to master the art of communication and build genuine rapport in digital exchanges across cultures.
Connect vs. Communicate
Think of standard pitching protocols that we arm ourselves with as communicators. Often, we limit ourselves to focus on our idea of ‘the perfect email.’

We must shift our mindset from communicating to connecting. We need to focus our intention outward to foster the kind of partnership that we so often seek when working with members of the media.


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