Doritos Latest Super Bowl Campaign: Some Food for Thought

There is no bigger stage for brands to showcase their products than advertising on Super Bowl Sunday.

For the past six years, Doritos has maximized this opportunity by running its Crash the Super Bowl campaign. First launched in 2007, the campaign allows consumers the chance to submit 30-second spots to the Crash the Super Bowl Web site. Once there, users will vote on the best entries which will result in five finalists. The top two will be aired during the game on Feb. 3, 2012.

Last January, the company rose to the top of the charts on YouTube impressions the week after the finalists were announced. Collectively, the entries generated 1.7 million views during that time. The eventual winner, Sling Baby, was also voted the best overall Super Bowl ad in the USA TODAY/Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter.

For communicators, when an established campaign has been proven to work and produce results, what can be done to raise the stakes for an encore? That was the challenge facing Doritos as the stage is set to launch an even bigger campaign for the 2013 Super Bowl.

Like previous years, the top two consumer-generated commercials will be aired on Super Bowl Sunday. Only this year, the winners will earn a chance to be in the next Transformers movie. A USA Today report notes Doritos will partner with famed director Michael Bay on the campaign, bringing a major influencer into the equation.

To take it a step further, Doritos will give the winner a $1 million prize if the commercial tops the USA Today/Ad Meter. Fans who aren’t interested in creating a commercial can go to Doritos' Facebook page and offer their homes and even themselves to appear in the two consumer-created spots. Providing incentive for consumers to become involved, especially on social media, can help increase a campaign’s visibility.

The PR lesson to be learned here is that if the formula works, stick with it, but strive to improve. Doritos has given fans some of the most popular Super Bowl commercials over the past few years. It’s seen what has worked and made appropriate tweaks to make it better and continue the campaign’s success.

If it ain’t broke, make some improvements, but don’t fix it.

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