Don Stacks
Professor of Public Relations,
Public Relations Graduate Studies, School of Communication
University of Miami

Don Stacks tells PR News that he got interested in PR measurement because people kept telling him PR couldn’t be measured. He says now that social media ROI can be measured. “We have the theory and the computer software,” he says. “The problem is catching all those tweets and blog posts. How do you deal with a happy face in a tweet or sentiment in a blog?” Don’s professional recognitions include the three highest awards an academic can get from the public relations profession: the Pathfinder Award for programmatic research, the Jackson Jackson and Wagner Award for applied research and the Public Relations Society of America’s Educator of the Year award. He was inducted into the first Research Fellows of the Institute for Public Relations and is a Trustee for the Institute for Public Relations. In addition, he has been a member of the National Commission on Public Relations Measurement.