CSR and Sustainability Should Not Stand Alone

In my day-day interaction with my peers and employees at Campbell Soup, executives at other companies, investors and a range of people shaping the agenda in traditional and social media, the questions I’m asked over and over again about corporate social responsibility and sustainability always trend back to the concept of what these terms have to do with core business strategy.

Consider for a moment, if I were retained by your business as a consultant and together we identified specific areas for improvement that might include lowering costs of manufacture, increasing recruitment or retention rates, building brand awareness and increasing quality or spurring innovation. In each of the cases above, leading companies would follow a similar process to tackle these challenges and drive improvements. There is no difference in these examples from the concepts of CSR and sustainability. In fact the examples I used are synergistic and can be thought of as reinforcing tools in the same toolbox.


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One response to “CSR and Sustainability Should Not Stand Alone

  1. Excellent!! Thoughts, strategy delivered in a simple condensed way.

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