Consumers Take Closer Note of Companies’ Practices

Consumers Care More About Corporate Practices, Policies: The majority of the public (62%) say they care more about companies’ practices and policies today than they did 10 years ago, according to the Champion Brand Index study findings from APCO Worldwide.

Other findings include:

  • Roughly four in ten people globally say that within the last year they have decided not to buy a company’s products because they didn’t agree with the companies’ practices or policies.

  • A majority (60%) holds that companies now serve some functions in society that were previously reserved only for the government.

  • Scrutiny of companies and the belief that companies are playing a bigger and bigger role in society is strongest in the developed world.

    For example, 81% of those in developed economies agree with the statement “when evaluating companies, it is as important for me to know how the company operates as it is to know what it sells” compared with 57% in developing economies.

  • Some of the companies on the Champion Brand index include 3M CompanyAdobeAmazonAppleBayerBMW GroupCanonCaterpillarColgate-Palmolive Company and Costco Wholesale Corp.

Source: APCO Worldwide

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  • Christina

    In bullit 3 it must be 81 pct. in developed economies who have the surplus to consider both operations and product and ‘only’ 57 pct. in developing economies