Buddy Scalera
SVP of Content Strategy & Media
Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Buddy Scalera is the SVP of content strategy & media at the Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide office in Parsippany, N.J. He is an innovative content creator with 26 years of developing engaging copy, graphics, and more. As a copywriter and editor, Buddy has developed pharmaceutical content for both healthcare professionals and consumers. He has deep experience with website health content, mobile devices, ebooks and social communities.

As a content strategist and technologist, he has worked on all aspects of website development, including video editing, photography, graphic design and even programming.

He has written and edited content for newspapers, websites, promotional videos, CD-ROMs, books, textbooks, journals, comic books, magazines, ebooks, and more. He is the author of 5 published books about creating content and photography.