2017 CSR Awards

Product Design/Redesign

Zappos – THINK – #ImNotABox Campaign

Every Zappos box has a unique story and purpose to each of its customers—whether they're shopping for their baby's first shoes, their first marathon sneakers or their first date outfit.

To kick off the #ImNotABox Campaign, a video campaign was launched to capture the single-minded message that Zappos sees every box as a unique story. Partnering with creative collective Variable, Zappo produced Box Home to introduce the #ImNotABox campaign.

The video aired on YouTube as an online ad and on cable networks in limited cities. Determined to help fill a homeless man's need for comfort, an innocent, young boy builds an innovative home with a Zappos box, a kitchen plant and other household items. Even the smallest gestures of kindness (with a little outside-of-the-box-thinking) remind us that we can have the greatest impact on others.

The campaign then focused on developing the physical and literal manifestation of #ImNotABox. The team created a limited amount of special edition boxes with an entirely new packaging design concept. The new box not only brings customers the products they need and love, but it also includes a collection of templates including, but not limited to, a smartphone holder, a children's shoe measure, a geometric planter and a 3D llama. Customers can reuse their boxes in a range of unique ways, as well as channel their creativity—literally thinking outside of the box.

The online video reached over 113,000 views in a short month. The video also climbed to #7 in Ace Metrix's Top Breakthrough Ads of Q2 2016. Over 31 articles have been written about the campaign in a number of publications, yielding a reach of approximately 27.5 million impressions overall.

Honorable Mention:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific - TSX400 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Launch