Top Women in PR: Michelle L. Ubben

Michelle L. Ubben, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Sachs Media Group

Michelle Ubben has played an essential role in the existence of Sachs Media Group for the last 18 of its 20 years in business. Her brilliance in the public relations arena makes her a top professional nationally, and her communications skills are among the highest in the field and continue to grow every day, as she constantly seeks new professional development opportunities.

In her position as partner and chief operating officer, Ubben’s leadership abilities inspire the staff, and she makes it a point to encourage the younger women to challenge themselves and grow as professionals.

Ubben was a key player in the effort to seek justice for Felix Garcia. Garcia, a deaf man, has served a 33-year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. During the trial, the court failed to provide Garcia with services for the deaf. His inability to hear and the lack of appropriate support played a central role in his conviction. Reggie Garcia, pro bono attorney (no relation) and Pat Bliss, Felix Garcia’s advocate for over 19 years, approached Sachs Media Group for help to bring attention to Felix’s case.

Ubben was intrinsic to the conception, planning and execution of the initiative to garner media attention, raise awareness and gain petition signatures in support of Felix, creating the campaign slogan, “Justice Should be Blind, Not Deaf.” She conceptualized the campaign design and outreach strategy, and collaborated with deaf advocates to hold a press conference. Ubben conceived a video news release in which she interviewed Felix’s attorney, advocates and Felix Garcia for a package that was sent to media to highlight the egregious failure of the justice system in his case.

The campaign was a major success, securing 95 articles and segments by Florida, national and international media, and gaining over 100,000 petition signatures, ultimately raising awareness about this tragic case.

Michelle L. Ubben, Sachs Media Group, Partner & Chief Operating Officer